To Inspire Passion for Nature and Wildlife, through an interactive 60-75 minutes guided tour. You will able to touch, hold and feed great variety of our wild local animals; and if you are brave enough… to walk among crocodiles.
Guided Zoo Visit



Guided Zoo Visit

  • Worth a stop Great time with knowledgable guide. you meet touch and interact with the animals. great fun. held alligator. Good coffe bar afterwards. good for. 2 hour stop we all enjoyed the visit.

    NickBlaireLeeLondon, United Kingdom. Visited July 2014
  • Great fun A guided tour with knowledgeable guide. Interactive – feed parrots, monkeys, deers and turtles, and others I can’t remember! Walk through crocodile enclosure, never have chance to be that close again! Went as couple but brilliant for children .

    Lorchris64Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. Visited May 2014
  • Fab place to visit This was brilliant, to hold and touch and feed so many different animals, the lady that took us round was very knowledgeable. It took about 1 hour 20 minutes to go round the zoo, well worth a visit so glad we went.

    WennieRugby, United Kingdom. Visited June 2014
  • Definitely worth it My 2 year old daughter loved it. Definitely worth a visit if you have young children. You get to feed the parrots and hold the crocodiles/snakes. We visited in low season so we had a guide just for our family. It was perfect as we went at a slow pace and got to spend time taking pictures and interacting with the animals. I’d recommend spraying yourself with bug spray as the mosquitoes bit me a couple of times.

    wang923Randolph, NJ. Visited June 2014
  • REAL ALLIGATORS You will not see this fantastic animals back in the UK, deep inside of the mexican jungle .The coordinator looked very pro … without the standar equipment i shall say !!

    jason cLondon, United Kingdom. Visited June 2014
  • A must visit for all ages This place is fab – Up close and personal with crocs, big and small… an absolute must for all ages, but wear mosi protection.

    Flooze1974London, United Kingdom. Visited March 2014
  • i hate zoos I hate zoos and honestly, I don’t like animals either but was roped into the Zoo by my daughter. This is the only zoo I have ever liked (and I’m 44 years old.) I can’t think of any caged animals (I’m sure there were there, just can’t remember) i only remember holding a snake, saying hello up close and personal to monkeys and birds and being so close to crocodiles they could have eaten me if they really wanted (this being Mexico, safety isn’t always first!)

    lusciouslibrarianMinneapolis, MN. Visited June 2014
  • A great zoo for children who love animals This zoo is way better then any zoo in the USA my 3 yr still remembers all about it. He can’t wait to go again this year. They even get to feed the monkeys. Great place . A must for children and adults who love animals. See you again this august.

    Leahgreco1Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Visited May 2014


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7 Jul 2014

Fun Vacation Activities

Cancun was once just popular among honeymooners and adult couples looking to get away from it all, but now it is an international destination ideal for all ages. Families taking spring break vacations will find more to do here than just playing in the sand.


Guided Zoo Visit


Fill your belly with tasty baguettes and salads, sodas and the best mexican coffee in a really pretty little cafe. Refreshing prices. 



We are located on the 307 highway very close to Puerto Morelos which is a peaceful village on the Mayan Riviera, great to experience the genuine Yucatan. Puerto Morelos makes an excellent base if you’re looking for some place quieter than glitzy hotspots like Cancun or Playa del Carmen. Government eco-reserve designations protect the reef and mangroves, and the village itself, from development. Outdoor options range from thrilling jungle and diving adventures to serene bike rides or moped explorations. Phone:+52 (998) 850 3719

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How to get here


Fast but expensive option.


At Cancún´s or Playa del Carmen´s bus station, take the bus-line MAYAB and specify you’re getting off at Croco Cun so they charge the correct fee.


At Cancún´s bus station, in front of the main doors, crossing the parking lot, take the PLAYA EXPRESS minivan. Tell the driver getting off at Croco Cun so he charges the correct fee. This minivan can also be taken at Playa del Carmen on Calle 2 between Av.20 Norte and Av.25 Norte.

  • Getting to Croco Cun Zoo from Cancún by bus or minivan (costs around 25 pesos per person), the driver will drop you out in front of the zoo on the federal highway. Please be carefull when you crossing.
  • To get to Cancún´s bus station from the Cancún hotel zone, take the bus (Turicun or Autocar) with RUTA 1 on the window. (it must include Downtown, Av. Tulúm destinations) and ask the driver to drop you out on Tulum Av. near the bus station. It costs around 12 pesos per person.


Open everyday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.


Adult : $30 US.
Children from  6 to 12 years old: $20 US.
Children from 0 to 5 years old: FREE.
Senior Citizen: 18 US.

* For security reasons we do not admit pets inside our facilities.
Thank you for your understanding.




Seniors discount 40% off: Applies over 60 years old, ID required – * Free admission for kids 0-5 years old – **Enjoy special savings when you bring your group. (10 adults or more) Reservations: Phone: +52 (998) 850 3719 E-mail: contacto@crococunzoo.com